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Frustrated With Credit Card Companies

Are you frustrated with credit card companies that don’t understand the way you work, who you are as a person, and what you need? Getting tired of being nickel and dime with fees, nano print (:-(sure I’ve read every line), terms that even lawyer can’t explain?

We’ll spill the beans on how you can get the best card with the best rates with the best terms. No more second guessing yourself, am I getting screwed over or am I missing out. Does it seem that the relationship with your credit card company is a bit like being in a bad relationship, you can’t trust them, they treat you badly, they put you on hold forever, they never remember the conversations you’ve had and its always your fault?

Let’s remove the friction, we’ll will make it as easy as possible, no long forms, no terse fine print. Are you struggling with the fact that you really don’t know anything about how to handle your credit cards? The idea of taking control of your financial life and to increase your cash flow income monthly is truly scary?

A few common sense tips!

  • Quit Pointing the Finger, take a true self assessment of your financial situation
  • Getting A Grip On Priorities.
  • Start a financial plan for success.

So what are some of the Secrets the Credit Card Companies Don’t Want us to Know About?

Knowledge is power -Knowing your CREDIT SCORE is the first step towards building outstanding credit.

So lets get into it, You have to take ownership and hopefully some of these are not so secret to you but other secret tips will get you going in the right direction, because the Credit Card Companies don’t want you to be smart about things, in fact they are banking you don’t follow through, that you are lazy and you don’t like confrontation, who does really?

Keep track of your personal credit score you may be putting your financial life at risk! if you don’t. Its how you are judged, take ownership.

Understanding Credit Scores

If I told you your credit score was and A or a B or C or D or an F, you’d get that wouldn’t you? Everyone received a school report card growing up, unless you grew up in the sixties :-). But was does a credit score between 300-

850 mean? Here’s our tip, understand the numbers and if your below 600, you have a lot of work to do, Here’s a quote I once heard at a financial seminar on building wealth.

Excellent Credit: 750+  – So I would equate this to an A and rest fall in line.
Good Credit: 700-749
Fair Credit: 650-699
Poor Credit: 600-649
Bad Credit: below 600

Now not to confuse you, I think they do it on purpose, there are many different credit score systems and many develop a proprietary scoring system, so an 800 in FICO is good while an 800 with another might be considered low.

Armed with a strong credit score, you can secure lines of credit both secured and unsecured, you can buy stuff, finance a vehicle, get a cell phone, obtain loans and credit cards all WITHOUT putting your home or business at risk.

Are you among the many of us struggling to improve your credit and financial capacity with a less than perfect credit score? The industry calls you sub prime creditors. This means your not as desirable and if they have too many sub primes they have trouble bundling you into a group they can sell off and make even more money.

Your cost of getting anything financed is going to cost you more and moving up. Can you imagine, that every time you went to eat you would have to pay more for your food than the guy next to you that has a better credit score? But that is what is happening because in this bracket you are with a bunch of folks that don’t pay their bills or pay them on time, so you are in a higher risk pool for the credit card companies and financial institutions. So its really important to get and keep your credit score in the A level pool.

How Credit Cards Work

Most people have a general idea of how credit cards work, but it is a good idea to brush up on some basics before signing up for one. When you use a credit card you are essentially borrowing money with the promise that you will pay it off come next payment cycle. If you cannot pay off the full amount of all the transactions listed on your bill, then you will begin to accumulate interest and risk going into debt. This is the main reason why many people choose to go with credit cards that charge low interest rates.

Low Rate Credit Cards

Low rate credit cards do exactly as the name suggests – they charge much lower interest rates on your outstanding balance than other cards. Sometimes this low initial interest rate will be fixed, but often it is only offered for a limited amount of time, possible only for six to nine months. Make sure that you read the fine print before choosing a low interest card.

Reward Cards

Credit cards that come with rewards program will offer you various incentives for spending. They usually give either cash back on purchases that you make, or points which can be traded in for airfare, hotel stays, gift certificates, car rentals, or a variety of other rewards.

Which One Should You Choose?

It depends on your circumstances. But Low interest rate credit cards are a good choice if you need to make a very large purchase that will take several months for you to pay off. You will accumulate at least some interest, but, if you made good financial plans ahead of time, you should eventually be able to pay it off in full. Low rate cards are also best for people who may have a hard time paying off their full balance every month. Be warned, however, that your low rate may jump up to a higher rate after only one missed payment.

Tip: If you are going to be late, call your credit card company communication is key, they will work with you. keep an eye on those interest rates.

If, however, you have no problem paying off your full balance every month, then your card’s interest rate is largely unimportant and a rewards card is the better way to go. However, these cards also tend to come with high annual fees and a variety of restrictions, so make sure that you understand your offer before you go out and start spending.

If you’d like more behind the scenes tips, just follow the link at the end of the post to get more information

More Tips -> Check the things you can check:

When you get your credit report, a lot of the information will be Greek to you, unless of course you are Greek fluent, with that being said tackle the easy things, check for spellings of names, is that really you? For example if your name is Mary Mary, but you see a report that says Merry Merry was late 27 times on making her credit card payments, notify the credit reporting agencies, they’ll correct it. Check age, check debtors did you really ever have that Club Diamond Pearl Card from the Bank of whatever. There’s just wrong and mis-information on the reports, family members get cross referenced , the differences many times are very subtle, spellings, mis-typed address, identity theft etc.

Ask questions, be persistent even on the things you don’t understand, you are not the customer here.

Tip: Credit reporting agencies get paid by the banks, financial institutions and companies, so they are working for the system against you, that’s right it’s rigged, your just data points, not the customer, its up to you to make sure the data is accurate.

Tip: Keep good records because Rosie the telemarketer may try hard, she may not, she may been eating lunch and not taking notes: Your responsible for communication records.

How many times when you talk to your credit card or credit reporting company its like you’ve never spoken with them before and the conversation where you and Rosie the telemarketer had everything cleared up, never happened. Its also highly likely you were in the wrong department, Rosie changed companies, they transition to an outsourced group. Again, take notes on conversations, take names, employee numbers, extensions, confirmation numbers, record dates and times, keep all the records, why? refer to previous sentence, Rosie could have typed your info in wrong, she may not in the U.S. computers lie, all kinds of reasons, so you’ll need your communication trail and your responsible for it.

Tip: the most simple yet overlooked tip is to call your company and ask, yes ask! ask for reduced fees, ask to reverse late payments, really any expense that they layer on your interest and lastly ask for a better interest rate, better terms and if they have any great deals. You’d be surprised how often they will say yes. Become your own best negotiator.

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