Nursing Degrees

Have you heard? Qualified Nurses are in High Demand

Earning a nursing degree will definitely lead you to a brighter future.

Nursing is one of the fastest growing careers to give you job stability and earning growth that you’ve always dreamed of.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing is one of the fastest growing occupations in our economy with over a 16% spike in employment projected over the next 5 years,  much faster than the average for other occupations.  Qualified nurses are in high demand and earning a nursing degree will definitely lead you to a brighter future. The most recent The BLS reports the median salary for a registered nurse was $68,450 The best-paid 10 percent of RNs made more than $102,990, while the bottom-paid 10 percent earned less than $47,120.

10 reasons why nursing is in such high demand:
  1. Aging population
  2. Increased population
  3. Increased usage of medical procedures
  4. More access to insurance coverage
  5. Greater dependency on non traditional health facilities such as hospitals
  6. Movement towards, long-term facilities, outpatient centers & home healthcare.
  7. Population Growth and higher churn of medical procedures
  8. Shortage of qualified nurses with a nursing degree
  9. Current nursing workforce is aging
  10. The ability to hire foreign educated/based nurses has decreased due to immigration policies
Job Prospects are Quite Good, for Registered Nurses:

Generally, registered nurses with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN) will have better job prospects than those without one. Nursing is considered one of the best jobs in America, with the Avg Salary of $68,000/year and the top ten percent making in excess of $101,000 annually. US News are world report rated Nursing with an overall score of 7.2 out of 10 and the 17th best paying job.

The best paying cities for a Registered Nurses are:

Top paying States for Nursing:

Top paying metropolitan areas:

Ways to Higher Compensation with a Nursing Degree

Get the best and highest Education you can:
  • (ADN) Associated Degree of Nursing –  2 to 3 years Community College or Vocational School
  • (BSN) Bachelors of Science in  Nursing – 4 years University or College
  • (MSN) Masters of Science in Nursing – 1 additional year University or College
  • Doctorate Degree in Nursing –  1-2 years + work experience
    • There are two types of doctorates in nursing – a Doctor of Nursing
      Practice (DNP) which focuses on the clinical aspects of nursing, and
      a Doctor of Nursing Science (DNSc, also a DSN or DNS).

All programs include supervised clinical experience.

Bachelor’s degree programs usually include additional education in the physical and social sciences, communication, leadership, and critical thinking. These programs also offer more clinical experience in non hospital settings. A bachelor’s degree or higher is often necessary for administrative positions, research, consulting, and teaching.

Generally, licensed graduates of any of the three types of education programs (bachelor’s, associate’s, or diploma) qualify for entry-level positions as a staff nurse. However, employers—particularly those in hospitals—may require a bachelor’s degree.

Many registered nurses with an ADN or diploma choose to go back to school to earn a bachelor’s degree through an RN-to-BSN program. There are also master’s degree programs in nursing, combined bachelor’s and master’s programs, and accelerated programs for those who wish to enter the nursing profession and already hold a bachelor’s degree in another field. Some employers offer tuition reimbursement.

Clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) must earn a master’s degree in nursing and typically already have 1 or more years of work experience as an RN or in a related field. CNSs who conduct research typically need a doctoral degree.

Today, there are many prestige online universities offering RN-to-BSN online degree programs, and now you can earn your nursing degree online. The major benefit of pursuing the nursing degree online is convenience. Like most of prospective online nursing students, you have jobs that you cannot afford to give up in order to return to traditional campus based schools to pursue a higher degree. Having the ability to “attend” class online from anywhere internet access is available at any time that works for your schedule; online nursing degree enable you to achieve your nursing career goal while allowing you to continue your current job. By earning an online bachelor degree in nursing, you may go on to have successful careers in specialized fields such

Emergency Room Care
Home Health Care
Mental Health Care
Critical Care

Master Science in Nursing is one of the hottest degrees and students with master degree in nursing are highly demand in health care job market. Most often, students who choose to pursue a graduate degree in nursing have already gained experience working in the nursing field. The graduate degree will enable you to advance your career to a higher pay position, most often at the managerial level. You can also earn a graduate degree in nursing through online nursing program. Most often, as a master degree student, you will need to choose a specialization to focus in your study. Among the common specialization for graduate degree in nursing are:

Community Health Systems
Elderly Nursing
Psychological Nursing
Health Care Systems Administration
Family Nursing
After you complete the graduate degree program, you will be specially trained to be successful in the field of your focus of study.

In Summary Nursing is one of the fastest growing occupations in the next 5 years. Qualified nurses with bachelor and master degrees are in high demand

Get started now to earn your nursing degree will only lead you to a brighter career future.


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